J.K. Chattopadhyay,
Ex-Deputy Secretary (FCRA)
Ministry of Home Affairs
New Delhi
Highlights of the book:
  • FCRA, 2010 demystified in 250 Questions & Answers; there is no other book like this.
  • A practical guidebook in an easy Question & Answer format like the guidebooks one studies in school and college for a quick understanding of the subject.
  • Provides answers to all the queries that are often raised by various stakeholders about application of FCRA in various situations.
  • A practical and easy guide explaining the entire gamut of issues related to FCRA.
  • All procedures, from pre-application stage to post-approval requirements, explained in minute detail.
  • Contains answers to a number of issues not explained elsewhere.
  • Q & A devised in issue-based sections; one does not need to go through the entire book and may refer to any section depending on the query for an instant answer.
  • FCRA, 2010, FCRR, 2011 and all the notifications under the Act have also been made available for ease of reference.
  • A must have for everyone concerned with FCRA and its applications.
Contents of the book:
Divided into the following 19 Sections covering all issues/queries
  • Introduction
  • Foreign contribution - definition & clarification
  • Foreign source - definition & clarification
  • Other key definitions
  • Who can & who can't accept FC
  • Registration and Prior Permission
  • Acceptance & utilisation of foreign contribution
  • Transfer of foreign contribution
  • Maintenance of accounts
  • Filing of annual return
  • Banks & issues related to banking
  • Change in name/address etc. & designated bank account
  • Renewal of registration
  • Offences, penalties and compounding of certain offences
  • Monitoring, inspection & investigation
  • Suspension & cancellation of registration
  • Organisation of political nature
  • Foreign hospitality
  • Recapitulating fundamentals and do's & don'ts
About the author
Shri J.K. Chattopadhyay is the former Deputy Secretary (FCRA Wing), Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India, New Delhi. As in-charge of the FCRA Wing he was responsible for implementation of FCRA, 2010. He was instrumental in bringing in significant improvement and transparency in the functioning of the FCRA Wing, especially during the period of transition when FCRA, 1976 was replaced by FCRA, 2010. All FCRA related information and various charters for the Associations/NGOs and other stakeholders, as available on the website of the Ministry of Home Affairs, were created by him. Now, he regularly holds seminars/workshops on FCRA.

As in-charge of MHA's FCRA Wing till very recently, he had the opportunity of interacting with innumerable representatives of the NGO Sector and looking into their concerns relating to FCRA matters. His interactions with the NGO Sector during the course of holding seminars/workshops have given him clear insight into the issues faced by the NGOs in dealing with FCRA. His realisation that there is a need for a practical guidebook for the practitioners of the Act, especially the NGOs, has motivated him to share his vast experience through this book.

Contact details of the author
B 343 (G.F.), C.R. Park,
New Delhi 110019.
Mobile: +919868213579 / +919868208979
Landline: 011-26271788
E-mail: jkch22@yahoo.com

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How to order for a copy of the book?