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About Us
To make well organized Non-Political and Non Religious (but with all religions) systematic District level coordination Units among the NGOs in India with a team of VELMOC Village Volunteer (at least 05 volunteers from each Indian Village).
Through the District Level representative NGOs (VDC) (who are the key responsible persons to) make the VELMOC NGO Team in their respective district.
a) On completion of registration of 10-15 NGOs in each district, one district level coordination meeting will be conducted in that District by both VELMOC foundation and local NGO representative.
b) Follow up monthly/bi-monthly/quarterly meetings will be conducted by the respective District level coordination unit to consolidate the following:-
  i.List out general issues/problems and specific problems of NGOs (sector/category wise) and try to sort out the issues within the district administration as a team. Consolidate agenda points and submit the same before VELMOC State Advisory Team.
  ii.Approach appropriate officers (Government office like Agriculture/Forest/Health/Police/Fire service/Corporate sectors/Bank etc.) at district level to address and conduct some social work programmes at district level on a selected date with VELMOC NSS Volunteers on waste management, Cleaning of common areas (NGO location/School location/Bus stand/Railway station/Parks/Hospitals/Religious places etc and conduct medical camps).
Other Targets:
1. Central data base for NGOs/Donors/Social workers/Government & private bodies/Volunteers etc.
2. Consolidate the basic need of the local community and to influence Local people/Industrialists/Eminent persons and corporate for regular funding to local NGOs to fulfill the basic needs.
3. To disseminate New welfare schemes/good instructions/Gazette Notification/Circulars etc to every Indian NGO.
  a.To do all social works with the active participation of local NGOs.
  b.To make NGO & Volunteer interface at District level.
  c.VELMOC NSS Launched for pooling of volunteers to carryout mass movement/participation in district level. Approach & motivate Schools/Colleges/Other educational institutes to register in VELMOC NSS Volunteer pool for social work.
4. Making awareness on the identified National level common agenda on future needs. (Educational/Health management/Waste management/Air/Water/Tree Plantation etc).
5. Preparation of detailed projects for implementation to achieve the target India by 2020.
6. Finding Volunteer NGOs for setting up of the following Advisory Teams for NGOs:-
(NGO Admin/General Guidance/Funding/Project proposals/Accounts/Future planning etc)
(Child/Health/De-addiction/Old age/Widow/Tree plantation/Pollution/Waste management)
  a.VELMOC Central Advisory Team
  b.VELMOC State Advisory Team
  c.VELMOC District Advisory Team
7. State level Advisory Team will monitor/guide & consolidate Agenda at State level and take up issues with both State/Central Government simultaneously forward the agenda to VELMOC Central Advisory Team.
8. VELMOC Central Advisory Team consolidates Agenda of All state/Issues and makes correspondence with concerned authorities.
9. Attempt to make volunteers to feel the pleasure & joy of doing charity work and volunteer work for the community.