1. VELMOC assures a 99.9% server uptime except the server maintenance period and any deviation from this can be reported and will be sorted out at the earliest.
  2. VELMOC provides Website designing at no cost.VELMOC will finish designing of the website within a week once it receives complete inputs from the NGOs.VELMOC expects 100% cooperation and support from the NGOs in the period of designing. VELMOC requests NGOs to send a confirmation email to info@velmoc.com stating that VELMOC has successfully launched their website to their utmost satisfaction after they get satisfy with their website.
  3. VELMOC provides 13 web pages in the website.For extra web pages please contact 09840307108.
  4. For inquiries about redesigning and maintenance, Email to info@velmoc.com,support@velmoc.com or call 09840307108.
  5. Annual Maintenance Contract involves the content updation and change of photographs without the change in the website layout.
  6. VELMOC provides the server control panel details if any NGO requests by email.
  7. As we are providing free webdesigning, the NGO must renew the domain and server for atleast 15years with VELMOC. In case if NGO likes to change the hosting provider in future, the 15years renewal payment should be paid to VELMOC before moving the domain to another hosting provider.